(Negative Air Differential Pressure Meter & Recorder)

ASM-100M model is a high-precision negative air differential pressure meter & recorder that can measure and record air pressure in real-time precisely.

Negative Air Differential Pressure Meter & Recorder

Model Name ASM-100
Specifications Main Device Power Supply DC12V, 5A(Battery 2,400mA)
Dimension 220*150*60
Sensor Measurement Standard -2.5Pa(alarm function)
Measurement Sensitivity 0.01Pa
Measurement Range +637 ~ -637Pa
Measurement Interval Measurement per second, storing the average value per minute

* High-performance sensor made in Switzerland (Ultra-precision static pressure sensor)

* Providing portable printer for printing negative pressure records

* Convenient operation system with touch screen

* Alarm when the standard negative pressure (-2.5Pa) is not reached

"Designated supplier as management for MERS and COVID-19 by KCDC (Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)"

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