(Portable Negative Air Machine)

Our ARDC-1502 model is the finest Negative pressure machine that can perform as positive and negative pressure machine. During MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in 2015, our ARDC-1502 model prevented the spread of MERS virus effectively. Now our products are widely used in KCDC(Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Public health centers, military bases, medical institution and hospitals.

Portable Negative Air Machine for Hospitals

Model Name ARDC-1502
Specifications Negative Pressure Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz, 750W
Cabinet Material Reinforced Plastics
Air Volume Max 56/min
Dimension 1090*610*650
Weight 56kg
Filter Pre 56CMM, 15mmH2O
Medium 56/min,
HEPA 56/min, 45mmH2O
Operation Mode Manual 0~100 / Digital air volume numerical control

* Maintain negative pressure up to 92.5 based on -2.5Pa and 12ACH

"Designated supplier as management for MERS and COVID-19 by KCDC (Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)"

Total Amount of goods delivered

Installation of Negative Pressure machine in a patient's room

Installation of Negative Pressure tent

Inspected by Mr. President and government officials

Korean government promised purchasing 1,200 units of negative pressure machines for prevention of COVID-19

What is infection control equipment & how does it work?

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