(Negative Air Purifier)

Quiet and elegantly designed, our ARDC-2501 is the perfect negative air purifier for indoor negative pressure isolation chamber (Released in 2020)

Negative Air Purifier

Model ARDC-2501
Specifications Main unit Power supply AC220V, 50/60Hz, 750W
Frame material Powder-coating Steel plate
Air Volume(Fan) Max 70CMM(/min) 2,472CFM
Air Volume(With Filter) Max 23.8CMM(/min) 840CFM
Size 665*550*1136(mm)
Weight 89kg
Operation Mode 0~100 / Digital air volume control
Filter Pre 56CMM, 15mmH2O
Medium 56/min,
HEPA 26CMM 29.7mmH2O(99.99%, 0.3)

* Maintain negative pressure up to 46.2 based on -2.5Pa and 12ACH

  • Our ARDC-2501 meets the high standard of CDC and KCDC(Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention): maintaining negative pressure in a hospital room that can accommodate 1~6 patients (max. 46 with 2.5m height)
  • With our high-performance BLDC motor, operators can freely control the output level from 0 to 100 depending on their situations.
  • With a stand type and compact size our ARDC-2501 requires less installation space.
  • Powder coating steel plate protect internal machine from unintended shocks and severs torsion.
  • By applying double filter damage prevention mechanism, our new model secures filters against unexpected behavior from operators.
  • High-rigidity toggle clamping filter for easy filter replacement and prevention of leakage. (Patent application: No. 2020-0034174)

"Designated supplier as management for MERS and COVID-19 by KCDC (Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)"

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