About ASMedi

ASMedi specializes in manufacturing and distributing equipment and consumable supplies for infection control for medical facilities, biological laboratories and others.


in year 2008

Established ¡®ASMAN Corp.¡¯ that specializes in Industrial Mechanical Equipment and Manufacturing

in year 2011

Changed the name of the company to ¡®Person & People Co., Ltd.¡¯ Started to produce and supply statutory registration equipment by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

in year 2014

Development and supply of building safety management solution, ASKO119

in year 2015

Launched ¡®ASMedi¡¯, a brand that specializes in equipment for infection control
  • Supplied Negative Pressure Machines for MERS patient isolation room to KCDC (Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention) the first in Korea Started to R&D and supply ¡®Disinfection system¡¯ for 119 emergency teams
  • Supplied ¡®Disinfection system¡¯ to Fire Station in Seoul and Chungbuk area

in year 2020

APR Founded the 3rd Factory, Established a worldwide sales network and started exporting
MAR Launched a New Negative Pressure Machine (ARDC-2501)
FEB Supply of Negative Pressure Machines when the Outbreak of COVID-19
  • Designated as ¡®a national Negative Pressure Machines supplier¡¯ by KCDC (Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Supplied approx. 2000 units of Negative Pressure Machines to KCDC, Public health centers, military bases, medical institution and hospitals

ISO Certification

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

What is infection control equipment & how does it work?

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